Friday, November 03, 2006


So, I've been tagged by Paige for the name game. This one is why you named your children what you did. We had our reasons at the time I just wonder if I can remember them. Unfortunately we don't have any real good ancestor stories or anything significant like that - just like the names.

Justin Paul Adams - We didn't know what we were having with our first baby. We both made lists of names and tried to narrow them down from there. We both liked Justin a lot. We also liked Benjamin but I didn't like any of the nicknames that go with that name. Paul liked the name Justin because one of his all time favorite bands is the Moody Blues and their main guy is Justin Hayward. I knew all along that I wanted the middle name to be Paul if it was a boy, and it was, so there you have it one the first one.

Brooke Lindsey Adams - Brooke was our number one name from the first time I was pregnant so it wasn't too hard to come up with that. This time around I found out what I was having and started calling her Brooke from then on. Paul wouldn't really agree to it until she was born and he looked at her. My only reservation with the name Brooke came from our neighbors who had a daughter named Brooke and they called her Brookie and I really didn't like that. So what do we do? Call her Brookie. It fit when she was little but not now. Her dad still calls her that sometimes.
Lindsey is a compromise. Paul really wanted the middle name to be Lynn and then she would be Brooke Lynn. I really didn't like that and didn't people calling her Brooklyn Bridge or something to do with Brooklyn, NY. So Lindsey was kind of like Lynn but different and we both liked it. (Since then I've heard of several Brooklyn and the name has grown on me).

Taylor Benjamin Adams - Here again, it's just a name we both agreed on. That is the big point - we BOTH AGREED ON. Paul and I really struggle with naming our children. He never wants to agree on a name until they are born and he can look at them. I disagree. I think they become the name you name them. We were deciding between Taylor and Nathan (I really liked Nate better than Nathan but we would have gone with Nathan to give him options). Justin and Brooke both liked Taylor better and I think that helped us decide. And Benjamin worked great for a middle name.

Jared Truman Adams - I have never struggled so much with naming a child as with Jared. It was so hard. Truman was easy and I really wanted it for the first name but Paul doesn't go for last names being first names so it was perfect for the middle name. I'd sworn after Justin no more J names to keep it more simple with calling for a certain child (that certainly doesn't make a difference since I go through all of them most of the time before getting the right name) but we just kept coming back to Jared. When he was born he just looked like a Jared.

Kamryn Lindy Adams - Kamryn was another easy one. I knew right when I found out I was having another girl that would be her name. I'd loved the name for a long time. Paul of course had to make up a list and see if there were any other options but there weren't. I'd first seen it one of those law shows - an actress on the show's name is Camryn. I loved it with the Y but I thought it should start with a K instead.
Lindy is one of the names Paul was considering for the first name so I suggested it for the middle name. He thought it sounded good. It wasn't until we were home from the hospital that someone pointed out how similar Brooke and Kamryn's middle names are. Oh well.

There you have it. I tag Ashley, Rebecca and Julianne (if you don't blog, just email me or put it in the comments.


Ashley said...

Thanks Lisa! You will have to go to my new blog to see my answers.

Janice from Book Club said...

I am glad to know that others come up with names based on ruling out ones they can't agree on. At least I am not alone!