Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Go Utes!

One of the best thing the Utes have going for them this season are their new cheerleaders.
These are Jared and Kamryn's costumes for Halloween. When I saw them at Walmart back in Aug I think, I had to buy them. I justified buying them saying they could be their Halloween costumes. It worked out great. Easy costumes that they were comfortable in.
We took them to Paul's work for trick-o-treat. They got their first piece of candy in their hands and they were happy and that's all they needed. Taylor made sure to get a little more candy for them in their buckets.
I stayed home with Jared and Kamryn most of the night. We did go to two houses - perfect for their age. It was more fun for them to be at home and they would get all excited each time the door bell rang. They loved seeing who was at the door and getting more candy out of our bowl.
Taylor went out with friends and came home around 9:00 and Brooke went out with a big group of girls from the ward and didn't get home until almost 10:00. Her dad couldn't believe she didn't have more candy than she did. He figured out after her stories from the evening that the trick-o-treating is much different for girls than boys. For the girls it's a big social outing with lots of visiting at friend's houses in between the candy collecting.
And poor Justin. He's too old and big to go. But he doesn't really care. He stayed home and played his favorite football video game and ate whatever candy he wanted out of the home bowl.

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