Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It's Paul's favorite. I love it because he is home and not even working from home.
The 3 big kids and Paul went out at 8 this morning for the ward Turkey Bowl. All had a great time and Brooke even scored the winning touchdown.
I stayed home with Jared and Kamryn and started on my assignments for the big dinner (green bean casserole, banana cream pies, jello salads - plain grape for the little kids, and little english muffin pizzas for lunch time appetizers).
We've already been over to my mom's for a little bit this morning. I went out to buy a couple of papers at 7:30 this morning and both Dan's and 7-11 did not have them yet. So I looked at my mom's and will get my own later.
One of the things my mom started a couple of years ago was having the kids go through the ads and make wish lists after the BIG DINNER. It's great for her and all the parents.
Are you going out tomorrow morning bright and early?

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