Sunday, November 26, 2006

A great weekend

I love a laid back holiday weekend. We didn't really try to cram in too much and it was great that way.
Thanksgiving dinner was yummy but I do not recommend having it at 5:30 in the evening. Way too late. There's no down time to recover before having a pie. I don't think we'll ever have it again that late. On the upside of a late dinner it gave us time to have a family football game that I think will be a new tradition.
Friday's morning excursion went very well - got the one item at Toys R Us and it only took about 30 minutes. Then we were off to ShopKo for a few things and only had to wait in line for about 10 minutes there. Then came the big wait at Kohl's. We were there in line for about 90 minutes - taking turns standing in the line while others shopped. Got some great deals and cash back too.
To top it off, went to breakfast at Mimi's - YUM!
And then there was the BIG GAME! Talk about a rollercoaster! Paul, Justin and I watched it at my dad's. He was cheering for BYU and we were all for the U. My dad takes games like that very seriously and it was very stressful for him. We had to do all of our cheering silently so that he didn't kick us out (he said he wouldn't have kicked us out but we probably would have had to go watch on the little kitchen tv). And then Utah goes ahead with only a minute - man were we cheering!!! And my dad says it would be a miracle if BYU could score. Never count out a miracle with BYU involved. We just sat there in shock when it was over. Justin went home sick and depressed. Paul was on a high because that is his favorite kind of game - just plain old good football, nice and close and down to the wire. I was bummed that the Y won but so glad that Utah held their own and didn't get blown out.

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