Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Thanksgiving at the cabin

We had a pretty different Thanksgiving this year.
My dad offered to take us all out to dinner for Thanksgiving and I was so grateful for that.  We decided to go Wednesday night to avoid the crowds and to not personally make people work for us on the actual holiday.  We went to Golden Corral and it was great!  Everyone ate what they wanted and we didn't have to fix it or clean up.  It was also really nice to have our family gathered in the private room so we could hang out and visit,  which made it more like home.
On Thursday after the turkey trot and the turkey bowl, we headed up to the cabin for the rest of the holiday weekend.  It was great to be up there.  There was enough snow for the kids to go sledding and play in it.  We played our favorite games of Pounce and King, Queen, Scum.  Kicked off the holiday movie season by watching ELF. Ate bad food and stayed up late.

Andre came up and taught Jake and Jared a new card game
and played Pokemon with them.

Kamryn and Katie had a great time playing with Katie's new playdough set

these are the "cookies" they made

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