Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Kamryn's first basketball game

One of Kamryn's friend's mom contacted us to ask if Kamryn wanted to play Jr Jazz basketball this year.  I asked Kamryn "do you want to play basketball with Saige?" and she said "sure"
Well, she didn't realize it was an organized team thing and wasn't too sure about it.  But I'd already paid and signed her up so I encouraged to at least try it for a season.  Its an all girl team and the coaches are awesome.  Most of the team are girls from her school and one friend from our ward.
Their first "practice" game was just before Thanksgiving.  It was great entertainment, that's for sure.  Our family went to cheer Kamryn on (and chuckle inside at this beginning level of girl's bastketball)
At one point when Kamryn was in she got a little mixed up and when she got the ball she tried to shoot at the wrong basket and almost made it.  Her brothers told her it was ok because the other team was 0 and it was nice of her to help them.

the cheering squad with our cute little player

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