Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Free day at the zoo

This is our crew who went to the zoo last week, the day before Thanksgiving.
It was one of the free days at the zoo - they do one a month Nov-Feb.  We went last year and it was great.  Crowded but not too crowded.  Well, this year was another story - it was CRAZY!
But the kids didn't care, or even really notice. Kyson got a map and lead us around the zoo.  I would let the kids dive into the madness and I would wait for them to surface.  They had a great time, which is all the matters.  Justin even came with us - to take pictures of stuff, not animals.  At one point he was taking a photo of a pile of rope in the Rocky Shores area and some kids came up to him and said "ooh, what's in there?" thinking some cool animal was in there.  Too funny.  He really should have messed with them.  It was a great fall day - the kids didn't even need jackets.

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