Wednesday, December 03, 2014

1st JAZZ game

Kamryn and Jared at their first Jazz game
The kids are both playing Jr Jazz this year, for their first time.  A side benefit of that is getting to go to a Jazz game.  Kamryn's team had tickets for a game last week against the BULLS.  We were able to get 2 extra tickets so Jared and I could go too.
It's amazing how high up those seats are - thank goodness for the awesome jumbo tron screen to watch the game on.
Kamryn's team had fun sitting all together and really got into the game.  But even more got into cheering and trying to get on the jumbo-tron during timeouts.  They were actually on there about 3 times!  Jared had no problem joining in with all those girls.

 The end of the game was really exciting - the first half the Jazz weren't even in it but somehow they made it a game in the 2nd half and were even ahead with a couple minutes left to play.  They tried to go for the win with a 3 point shot but missed and lost by 2.  The kids were really cheering and into it but when we were leaving Jared said "who won?"  It was so funny.

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