Saturday, December 20, 2014

Casino Night

The Layton Construction Christmas party was last week.  For several years its been at Thanksgiving Point Barn.  I guess they decided it was time to change it up - this year it was at Little America.  In the past its always been dinner and then some entertainment. This year it was another switch up - it was Casino Night and we were supposed to come dressed in 007 Best.

For the casino night they had a company come that does gambling for fun. They had the full set up of black-jack, poker and roulette.  We were all given $1000 in chips to start out the night.  The goal was to play and get more money so by the end we could exchange chips for raffle tickets for awesome prizes.  Paul and I both played at just one black-jack table. We had an awesome dealer, Donnie, who made it really fun.  We had a lot of fun and ended up with $26,000!  Sadly we did not win in the raffle.

Donnie our dealer

a lot of Daniel Craig look-alikes showed up

Paul's boss, Mike, showed up in his Sean Connery finest
There's always a fun photo booth

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