Thursday, September 05, 2013

All American

What's more American than Baseball?
With Elsa staying with us from France 
and it was her first time to America,
we figured we had to take her to a baseball game.
It worked out that we went on Pioneer Day.
It was perfect weather
and we could go with the Byers family
which was good since they are a 
baseball family

this photo is so funny
because Kyson is the baseball player and looks bored
and Jared has never played baseball and looks like he's having fun

little photo bomber

baseball ninja

Elsa after eating cotton candy.
I love how she says it in French
something like
it means papa's beard

nothing makes a baseball game more fun
than a package of washable markers

Elsa at the Bees game

Paul was really gettin into it
It actually was a really great game and very exciting win
for the bees in the last inning

The best part were the fireworks after the game

Elsa with the Bees mascot

Brooke and her friend Annee

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