Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Family Swim Party

We had so much fun at a family swim party 
at the VanTassell's last summer
that we asked if we could do it again and they said SURE :)

my darling little fishy girl

my mom even made it our for the party
Thanks to Superman Dale for carrying her in

I say this in the most loving way:
"There's the great white whale"

I love this photo of my parents

more cute little fishys

the kids loved doing this - all standing on the diving board
and then taking turns jumping off

the other thing they loved doing
getting all stacked up on the slide

We all had a great time
 (we were sad to not have Parry's family there this year) 
and hopefully it will continue to be an annual tradition.


Paige said...

Fun. Good picture of your parents. Tell them I say HI.

The Martin Family said...

Love the white whale comment. :)