Monday, September 23, 2013

Taylor's Eagle Scout Project

Taylor did his Eagle Scout project this last Saturday.  Yeah!
He'd planned to do it over the summer and at the end of a super, super busy summer for him he hadn't done the project.  And then school started and I worried that we'd get to next summer with it not done again.  Then I saw a post on facebook from Cottonwood Heights city requesting a scout to do an Eagle project for their emergency preparedness department.  Taylor contacted them and met with the lady in charge to find out about the project and it sounded like a perfect project.  Very needed but not too overwhelming in what it required.  And there was a short turn-around for the project and a quick deadline, which is always good in helping to get it scheduled and done.

flier Taylor made to give to youth in our ward
and his friends

A big part of the project was building this contraption.  The project was to cut specially printed caution tape ribbons for the city for emergency preparedness.  These ribbons are distributed to residents to use in the event of a natural disaster.  They tie the ribbons out in their front yard to signal - green they are ok, yellow they need help but not emergency, red - someone is not breathing or has severe bleeding, black there is a fatality.  So Taylor needed a contraption to hold the rolls of ribbons and then they needed to pull off the ribbons and cut them and staple them together with the printed instruction card supplied by the city.

contraption Taylor and Paul built the night before the scheduled project

Taylor with his "unit Leader" Spencer Grider

Taylor getting everything all set up before everyone got there

The contraption with the ribbons all loaded up and ready to go

What a good looking scout :)

Jared and Kamryn got to help out for a little bit
before going to the Primary program practice

Taylor with Bart Fisher, new YM President

Paul helping out at one of the stations

Taylor's friend Whitney folding ribbons to go in box

The ward station crew
Paul, Andy Smith, Gabe Maxfield, Spencer Grider

Mallie, Becca, Chandler and Taylor enjoying working together

the friend station

Mallie and Becca did a great job folding and boxing the ribbons

The work area
Everyone did a great job getting the project done in 1 1/2 hours

It was so great that Grandma even made it out to help on the project

Merrick Maxfield and baby Jaxson even helped out 

Taylor loading up the next spools of ribbons

Some of the finished product

Grand-dad helping out with cutting the ribbons

I mostly did support - first-aid and picture taking
but i did get in and help some of the time

 Everyone that helped on Taylor's project:
Lindsey, Leah, Grandma, Taylor, Ethan
Mallie, Becca, Luke, Whitney, Kate, Paul, Granddad, Spencer, Grant, Chandler
Not pictured that were there during project: Gabe and Merrick Maxfield, Bart Fisher, Andy Smith, Jared and Kamryn Adams

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