Friday, September 20, 2013

Sweet 16 on Friday the 13th

Taylor is sweet 16
(i don't know about the never been kissed part
and he says he's never heard of that)

 With his friend Leah and Elizabeth
showing off 16

For his party we had the company  Tactical Action Games  come put on their super awesome laser tag games!  Its "like nightgames for adults" and is a blast.

taylor's super great friends

 It was a fun party and i'm so glad Taylor has such great friends.  One reason he has great friends is because he is one himself.
He is a great young man.  Here's proof from someone besides his biased mother:

I got this text the other day from a teacher/friend at the elementary school
where Taylor has been working after school this year.

And then this postcard came in the mail this week too.

Taylor is so fun to have around - has a great smile, can be super helpful, does what's right and makes me happy. I love him!!!

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Ryan Martin said...

I agree. He is a great guy! Lucky mom!