Friday, May 17, 2013

Student Driver

Way back in February Taylor finally decided to get his learners.  I didn't really push him to do it before then since learning to drive in the winter is not my favorite thing.  I did tell him that he had to have his learners for at least 6 months before he could get his regular license and his 16th birthday was just over 6 months away.
Luckily you can make an appt to take the test now and that sure makes life so much easier.  Sadly, he didn't pass the first time but you can take it again right then and the 2nd time he PASSED!
Proud new driver
 I always thought it would be a good idea to have a student driver sign on my car, just like the driver's ed cars.  Never did get around to it with Justin and Brooke but now with Taylor starting to drive I really wanted one. I thought I'd have a magnet made but then realized someone would probably take it.  Then I thought of vinyl lettering and had a sign made up.  Lots of teenagers would hate this being on there car, but Taylor wanted it on there.  He's aware of how angry drivers get out there and with this sign on your car people are more forgiving.
I've definitely noticed more space around me while driving. I've only had one person honk at me since putting the sign on (and that was in a parking lot).
Taylor's been driving for a few months now and is doing a great job.  The next big thing is he needs to learn to drive the truck, which is a stick shift :)

our van

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