Friday, May 17, 2013

Always behind

It seems like I am always behind these days - behind on household chores and the yard, behind on paying bills - just because they stack up in the mail and I forget to pay them - oops, behind on helping my parents, behind on church calling duties, behind on just about everything.
I've been extra busy because I have been doing a long-term sub job at the kids' elementary school  Its for a 1st grade teacher who had to have emergency surgery at the beginning of May.  Luckily she has a great class and they are very well trained.  I've subbed a lot this year and I've been thinking that I was being prepared just to be able to do this job of working every day.  Any other time that I've subbed I've had lesson plans prepared by the teacher and I just follow them.  But now I am doing my own lesson plans.  The teacher only had 2 days to prepare for being gone the rest of the year and its amazing what she got ready for me.  But its still up to me to plan out each day!  I've never done that before and its quite a task.  The twins and I get to school every day by 8 and school starts at 8:40.  Those are the shortest 40 minutes of my life.  And then we frequently stay after school too, getting ready for the next day.
Jared and Kamryn have been very good sports about getting up extra early every day.  The benefit for them is they usually get all of their homework done before school even starts.
And looking at my blog for the first time in several weeks I see how Behind I am.  So I'm going to try to catch up on about 14 posts.

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