Friday, May 17, 2013

Skype with Elder Adams

So the very best thing about mother's day is that missionary phone call!
Justin had only been in his current area for about 10 days and only 1 Sunday to meet some member and find some that would let them come to their house on our Mother's day so he could skype with us.  In his email the Monday before  he had it all set up - I was so impressed.  He told us he would be calling at 6:00 pm his time which would be 10 am for us.  Our church is at 9 and so this was awesome for me - it meant I could sleep in on Mother's day (we went to my brother's ward later in the day because he was speaking and gave a great talk).  Justin called pretty much right at 10 and we had a really good connection this time (the Christmas connection wasn't good at all and we ended up just doing audio with him that time).  Its so great that we can skype and see him - plus its FREE!
We talked to him for an hour and it was GREAT!!!!  Jared and Kamryn talked a little more this time and when it was 10:27 we sang Happy birthday to Jared and then at 10:28 sang happy birthday to Kamryn.
We talked about our trip to France next spring and got justin's input on it.  We also asked him what his plans are for school when he comes home - I don't think it got him too distracted or worried.
He told us the area is awesome - the first city he could picture himself living in if he lived in France.
It wasn't too hard saying goodbye - and the next time we talk to him will be at the airport :)

check out that smile - what a happy kid :)

taking a screen shot on the iPad

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