Friday, May 17, 2013

Recent YW Activities

I am the personal progress advisor for our young women.  I am always trying to find the ways to help the girls work on their personal progress.  I teach a lesson every other month and we do one of the value experiences.  We recently did Knowledge #3 where they had to memorize the 13th Article of Faith and then go to a museum and see how it relates to that Article of Faith.  Luckily the church history museum has a wonderful exhibit that was an art competition last year for the youth of the church based on the theme "Arise and Shine"  There were some wonderful art pieces and so many talented young artists's work displayed.

This was my favorite

our cute young women that came on our art field trip
 Our stake is going on trek this summer and one of our last activities was helping the YW make their aprons, which of course they can use for personal project.  We just did the cutting out for one activity and our next activity will be sewing them together.

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