Friday, May 17, 2013


I don't post too much about Justin and his mission on here but I had to share this photo.
In France, and many other places I'm sure, the missionaries do a lot of street contacting and they use large streetboards to attract people to come and talk to them.  He made this streetboard while working in the office.  This is what he said about it:

I made a new streetboard this week. The office equipe hasn't actually had one, but I haven't bothered to make one until now because streetboarding doesn't really work in winter. But now that it's good weather, we're doing it more often. But since we didn't have one, we've had to coordinate with other missionaries to use their streetboards, so I just decided I would make one for us. So one day this week I got Elder Dampt working on some stuff, then I went in the conference room and spent pretty much the rest of the day working on this thing (attached photo). We've only taken it out once since then, and the results were hilarious. It's funny because when you get a streetboard that attracts people's attention, they try to look very inconspicuously so as not to give us the satisfaction. But with this one, they look at it for so long, that they can't really hide it. While we were riding on the metro with it, there were five people sitting across from us that were reading it for almost the whole trip. Nothing like a good marketing ploy to lure the young people in."

Soon after this he was transferred to Montpellier, which he describes as California French and is pretty much on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  He made another facebook streetboard to use there.  He said its great to use there because its a huge college town.

Elder Frazier trained Justin in the office and then Justin trained Elder Dampt in the office

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