Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve.
We were all home together 
and it was even snowing most of the day.

Taylor having breakfast
Jared and Kamryn helped make cookies for Santa

Paul getting in a little work in the morning
before going out to do his usual shopping
For many years its been our tradition to go to the mall on Christmas Eve - just for fun.
When we first went when Justin was just 1 the mall was deserted and we were like the only ones there.
The last few years the mall has been packed and its amazing how many are there really shopping.
We had fun looking around and hanging out together.

this year we put the big tree downstairs because we don't have enough room in the living room
so we had the little tree upstairs
on Christmas Eve Jared and Kamryn had fun putting all of the presents
in front of the tree - since they wouldn't fit under the tree

Kamryn and Jared in their new Christmas Eve jammies

Jared and Kamryn wanted to sleep downstairs by the big tree 
so they could wait for Santa
they were asleep in about 5 seconds

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Stephanie said...

What a fun Christmas Eve! :) I like all the hats. It was fun to see you guys while we were visiting!