Thursday, January 24, 2013

Personal Progress

Wow - I finally have something to post 
(its been a pretty uneventful January, 
we're just trying to stay warm inside).

Last night I filled in for our Beehive Advisor because her young daughter had her appendics out.  I am the Personal Progress specialist/leader/advisor (whatever you want to call it) so I of course planned an activity to pass off a Value experience.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and the easy way to find an activity on short notice.  I found this great activity that was easy to prep for and most of the experience could be done in one evening.  On Pinterest she suggested the activity go with Divine Nature #6 and it worked out great.
We read all of the scriptures listed with the experience and the girls wrote a divine quality on each pendant/triangle and then we just used a hole punch and threaded the pendants on to curling ribbon.  Now they can hang them in their room to remind them to work on a divine quality for 2 weeks.

Sasha - our only Laurel to show up last night so she joined us
and had fun making one too





cute Beehive class with their divine qualities banners

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