Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2nd Grade Store

2nd Grade Store Day
In the 2nd grade they just finished a big unit on learning all about money - coins and what they are worth, etc.  They also have a reward system where they earn coins (plastic but real looking) for all the good things they do.  And of course they can lose coins for being naughty.  The end of the unit is a big store day.  Each student has their own store and they bring whatever they want from home to sell.  They can also make up a game that other students can play at their store.
Jared and Kamryn were so excited for store day.  They did all their preparations all on their own - decided what to sell, made up their game and made their own store signs.  I was lucky enough to be able to help that day and I even got to be the banker.

The inside row opened their stores first while the other half of the class shopped

Kamryn's game was to guess where the smallest hidden Santa
was in the bigger nesting Santas

Jared with the cool glasses he bought

Jared at his store.
His game was to see how high you could stack the legos in 30 seconds
The record was 19 legos

Kamryn at her store

Kamryn trying out a cool maze game made by one of her classmates

Kamryn's teacher shopping at her store

Kamryn looks like a real shopper with her bag on her shoulder

Jared LOVED that someone was selling Pokemon cards

I LOVE these 2nd graders!

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How fun. I love this idea!