Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Narrative Poem

I had an interesting sub assignment yesterday (and today and tomorrow too).  I am rotating through all the classrooms at my kids' elementary school, 30 min at a time, while each teacher meets with the principal - kind of a PPI, if you will.  So I started out in 4th grade yesterday morning and they were working on writing narrative poems.  We went over what it is and read a few examples and then they were supposed to write their own poem.  So I challenged them to finish their poem before I could write my own narrative poem.  Only 2 students finished before me.  I was pretty proud of myself - especially since I hadn't written a poem since I was in school myself.  I share it now:

I was born in Utah
in the year of 1967
I was a cute little girl
that came straight from Heaven.

My name is Lisa
I was named after a star
on a TV Show
In California that is so far.

I am the oldest of five
3 girls and 2 boys
I learned to play the piano
and I loved to play with toys

I grew up to be a mom
with 5 kids too
I love them all so much
no matter what they do.


Susan Byers said...

very cute!

The Martin Family said...

Well done....A+
That is the English teacher coming out in me. :)

Lisa said...

Comment from Paige that I accidentally deleted:
"You mean you have to do the assignments?"