Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Things I've learned

A couple of things I've learned in the last day:

  • there is a much easier way to get photos from my phone to my computer.  I'm not great about learning new things on computers and tend to do things the hard way.  I've been emailing my phone pictures to myself so I can then download them and then post them on to my blog.  Someone recently mentioned syncing your phone to your computer and transferring your photos that way. Duh!  Why had I never thought of that.  So last night I easily transferred all my photos to my extra hard drive and now it will be so much easier to post photos on my blog.
  • that I can make bread first thing in the morning and have it out of the oven by 9 am.  I've been meaning to make bread for over a week now and just wasn't getting to it.  I had to make it this morning because Brooke was going to be home this afternoon and I wanted her to be able to have some to take home.  So I started making it as soon as I got back from exercising and it was out of the oven by 9!  Definitely the way to do it - first thing in the morning.

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