Friday, September 21, 2012

Personal Progress

My calling is to be the Personal Progress advisor for our young women.  Most of the time I feel like I am failing miserably but occasionally I feel like I am getting something done with the yw.
Last Sunday we were so lucky to have a tri-stake fireside where Sister Elaine Dalton was the speaker.  She IS AMAZING!  Almost all of our yw were there and we got there early and were sitting right up front - right in front of her :)
She told several amazing stories and gave lots of advice to all of us.  Some of her thoughts:

  • Personal Progress can strengthen mother/daughter relationships
  • Her wish for all yw is to be worthy to go to the temple
  • She asked several yw want they wanted to be when they grow up and only 1 yw said "to be a mother."  She told the girls we should ALL want that - to be a mother in Zion.
  • The Lord sends her around the world for ONE girl.
  • It is important to be a Latter Day Saint - you never know who is watching
  • Fight the war with your testimonies
  • Stand as a witness at all times, in all places and in all PROM DRESSES
  • General Conf - make a list of things you are going to DO.  Make a change. Take action
  • You won't fit in ... you can't fit in ... you can't lead fitting in.  A leader has to be different
Thanks to Jenny for sharing her notes.  I took notes but they were in a letter to Justin and I forgot to copy them before mailing his letter.
After the fireside Sister Dalton stayed for over 1 1/2 hours and shook hands with everyone who wanted to meet her.  And she didn't just shake hands - she talked to the girls and was so genuine.
One yw in our ward is a recent convert and just moved here from Russia with her mom.  She is a gem!  She came up to me after the fireside and said "can we meet on Tues about personal progress"  I felt so bad because all summer I was supposed to meet with her and tell her about PP.
So I met with her and her mom on Tues night and it was so great to meet with such a valiant young woman. She is already doing most of PP on her own and she didn't even know it.  Since she is 16 I told her she doesn't have to do it all - but she wants to do it all!  She's already doing 3 projects but didn't know they were projects :)
As long as I was out, I met with another young woman new to our ward that night too.  She is a new Beehive and after 6 months has several value experiences already done.  She is a perfect example of doing PP with her mother.  I'd taught a lesson on Sunday on Faith value exp #6 and the homework was to teach the plan of salvation to someone and she'd actually done it with her mom the night before.
Young women like this make my job easy.
Now if I can just reach out to the girls who really do need my help.

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