Monday, September 10, 2012


tonight was a great FHE - we have a small family now with Justin gone on his mission and Brooke away at college.  so its just Taylor, Jared and Kamryn with me and dad.  We have had some good lessons the last couple of weeks starting to prepare Jared and Kamryn for getting baptized.  Tonight we had a short lesson given by Dad about prayer.  We told J & K about an experience Taylor had when he was about six while we were living in Phoenix.  We had a gas stove there and it frequently wouldn't light.  I was frustrated with it and trying to make dinner.  Taylor left the kitchen and was gone for just a few minutes.  He came back and said "you can turn it on now Mom" so I tried it and it lit.  He said he'd gone in his room and said a prayer that it would work and it did.  J & K were very impressed with that story.  Taylor said that is his personal keystone.  Jared went on to tell that he said he prayed this morning that he would have a good day and he did.  I LOVE the faith of children.  We need to be more like them.
After our lesson we all played UNO Attack.  It was very fun and Jared won.  He was so excited.  It was really fun to play a game together because J & K are finally old enough that we can really play games together.


The Martin Family said...

Cool story!

Stephanie said...

What a fun FHE! :) You have a great family.