Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

One of my new goals is to post more often, whether i have pictures to go with the post or not.
Today was a great holiday - great because I love Monday holidays and the extra long weekend.  We stayed up late last night watching The Great Sugar Bowl of 2009 where Utah beat up on Alabama.  We were able to purchase it on iTunes after the game and now that we have an iPad we can hook that up to the stereo and watch the game on the TV!  Great memories of watching that game.
So we stayed up late and then had to get up early cuz it was our family's turn to do flags in the neighborhood.  That is how our ward works it out - families of the youth take turns doing parts of the neighborhood flags on a couple of holidays a year.  It works out great.  I drove the truck while Paul and Taylor put up the flags.  It was kind of nice to get an early start on the day off - so we could labor :)
I've made myself crazy lately with big home projects and we are finally getting to end of this latest phase of craziness.
With Justin being gone on his mission and now Brooke away to college, I've felt very strongly that I wanted the 3 kids upstairs, close to me :)  So that's meant some moving around.  We moved the twins to Brooke's old room because its bigger.  And then I somehow convinced Taylor to move upstairs to a smaller room, because I don't want him down in the corner of the basement all alone.  I want him close to me.  So, luckily he agreed.  And with all this room moving around I had to do some painting - Taylor's room, and got new carpet - hall and all 3 bedrooms on the main floor.  What a pain but so worth it!  I love the new carpet and how it makes the rooms so much more cozy and inviting.
So today I've been working on trying to get everyone all settled into their "new" rooms.  Taylor is all done moving.  His old room downstairs is now FULL of stuff - all the stuff that used to be in our storage room because Paul is finishing off half that area for an office for me (so that the area where my office stuff is now can go back to being a ping pong/pool room).
Jared and Kamryn are pretty settled into their NEW room - I really don't want to move back in most of the STUFF and TOYS they had in their room before.  All of that stuff was stored on our deck and this morning I told them they could pick 3 things to bring back in their room.  It was fun to see what they chose - Jared: his castle, a football, and box of squinkies; Kamryn: her telescope, a makeup box, and a felt bag of little STUFF (that stuff is probably going to disappear somehow).
In the late afternoon we went swimming at the rec center.  It was the last day for the outdoor pool to be open.  Taylor came with me and Jared and Kamryn.  Then Paul joined us for the last hour.  The kids had a great time with their dad - swimming TRIPLE DOLPHIN and having him throw them up high to splash back down.

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Paige said...

How many times are you going to move that stuff from the storage room?