Saturday, June 23, 2012

Layton Lagoon Day

We are very lucky that Layton's summer party is at Lagoon, otherwise we would probably not get to go.  It's a lot of fun to take Jared and Kamryn there because they have so much fun.  This year Taylor came with us and that was really fun, and helpful too.  It was like having a 3rd adult there.  At one point he took Kamryn on the white roller coaster and The Wild Mouse - man she's a brave little thing.  I went on the wild mouse with her too and the whole time I was saying "I hate this ride" and she was saying "I love this ride".  We all had a great time and were there for 12 hours!

Taylor and Jared on the flying aces, one of our favorites

Paul snoozing while we were at Lagoon A beach in the afternoon

Taylor and Kamryn on the swings, another one of our favorites

Paul flying with Kamryn, she's a crazy pilot

Taylor and Kamryn going on the ladybug drop

Jared is still pretty timid with a lot of the rides so he spent a lot of time waiting for Kamryn

Kamryn and Jared on the kid swings
At one point she got off one of the kiddie rides and said
"did I have to go on that"
she's pretty brave and done with those little kid rides

Kamryn on the swings - again
We had to go again when it was dark - even more fun


Taylor even got a picture of me


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