Saturday, June 23, 2012

BBQ and Baseball

On June 11th we got together for a family BBQ and Baseball game.  Susan hosted at her house and then we went to the park right by her house for the baseball game.  It was pretty fun and we've got enough older kids that we can make 2 pretty decent teams.  We also had a good cheering section and I was lucky enough to be the photographer :)

Jadon and Susan

Check out that stance from Paul

Shella and Joel - 2 beauties

Love that smile!

The kids cheering section

the adult cheering section

"you're gonna play and like it!"

Way to go Parry

Jaxon is a serious pitcher

Granddad even had some good hits

Kyson took his turn pitching

Batter up

Taylor having a good time at 3rd base

Granddad's typical sports face

Hyrum hittin' it

Kyson getting a little coaching from his Dad


reachin' for it

Paul tryin' out a golf swing

I love these next 2 photos - 

Like father, like son

Susan's an awesome Baseball Mom

Comin' home

Another good hit from Granddad



Jaxon showing us his pose

Being serious now


this is how Taylor plays in the outfield

Paul going for the homerun hit

and coming home to big cheers

Thank goodness for the fun playground


Katie and Taylor having a blast

cute cousins

Our gathering happened to be the day after Brooke and Dale's birthday and just before Rachel's birthday so we had cake and sang happy birthday to all of them - combined ages was 62!


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Susan Byers said...

That was so much fun! I'm glad that everyone put up with our love for baseball!