Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kamryn's 7th Birthday

Kamryn's birthday party was in the afternoon in our backyard, thank goodness for beautiful spring weather.  She also had a party put on by Little Dress Up Parties.  Her party was a fashion queen party complete with a fashion adviser all the way from Paris.  I loved watching all the girls having fun with all the great dress ups.  They created their own outfits and modeled them and then did makeup and had another fashion show in evening wear.  The girls were a little shy at first but got into it after a few trips down the runway. The biggest surprise of all was Kamryn, who can be pretty shy - she really had fun modeling and knew how to strike a pose and strut her stuff on the runway.  Man was her Dad rolling his eyes during all of it.

Kamryn with her Granddad

The fashion adviser explaining to the girls about putting together their fashion outfits

Kamryn with her self designed outfit

what a cute little model

after designing their outfits they practiced walking on the runway

Kamryn with her friend from school, Olivia

Kamryn showing off her evening gown

now she's added some accessories

The fashion adviser explaining about adding accessories and makeup - every little girl's dream

Kamryn checking her makeup

Now she's ready for the runway

beautiful fashionistas

cute cousins

Kamryn on the runway in her outfit of choice

Being crowned fashion queen

she's quite the fashion queen

all the divas

check out those beauties

Kamryn with her fashion adviser

getting ready for treats

my grown up birthday girl

modeling their birthday hats that came off the pinata
The fashion adviser also stressed to the girls that beauty comes from within and the most important part of any outfit is their smile.  Glad she added that very important lesson.

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