Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Jared's Birthday

Almost a month later I'm finally getting a chance to go through all the photos from Jared's birthday party.
He turned 7 on May 12th, which was a Saturday, so it worked out perfectly to have his party on his actual birthday.  I'd been lucky enough to get a good deal thru City Deals to buy this birthday party package from a company called Little Dress Up Parties.  
Jared's party was a SuperHero party and all of the boys had a great time
with Spiderman.  They learned how to do moves like a superhero, fight bad guys and even went on an obstacle course all over the yard.

John, Josh, Jared and Dallin

John, Jared, Kyson and Jake

Kyson and Jake - superhero cousins

Spiderman showing the boys how to be superheroes

Look at all those cool superheroes

Spiderman with the birthday boy

Jared loved dueling with Spidey

getting ready for treats and presents

cool new angry birds game

and cool towel for swimming

Jared all ready for the pinata

Jared - the superhero of the day

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Paige said...

That sounds totally fun! I'm going to have to look into this superhero party.