Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day. Jared and Kamryn had talked about it all week at school and were determined that they were going to catch a leprechaun.

They woke up really early Saturday morning and
this is what they found on the kitchen table.
All sorts of "green treats"
Along with a magnifying glass and
some sort of cage. Inside was this note:

They couldn't decide if the L stood
for Leprechaun or
the leprechaun's name.
I suggested maybe his name was Larry and they laughed.
Kamryn said if it was a girl she thought
her name was Lucy.

They spent a lot of time on Saturday trying to catch that sneaky leprechaun. They even used the rainbow nerds to set a trap outside. By the end of the day, still no leprechaun. Jared wants him to leave clues next year.

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