Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dinner Party

Our ward does dinner groups a few times during the year. Everyone who wants to go signs up and those that are willing to host put that down. Now that we've redone our living room and have a nice dining room table I like to host.
My favorite thing about hosting is setting the table. I like to set a nice table and its the first thing i do when I'm getting ready for a dinner party.

I even did cute little treat baskets at each plate :)

I decided to make a new recipe for homemade rolls
Why do I do that to myself
when we are hosting people for dinner?
Luckily they turned out really good and everyone loved them.

rolls setting out to raise
(photos are out of order, sorry)


Stephanie said...

FUN! I think my mom told me they were going to your house for dinner groups. Glad to see they were fed well. Those rolls look great!

The Martin Family said...

Cute table setting! Those rolls look delish!