Friday, March 16, 2012

New Freezer

I've been really wanting to get a freezer to put in our garage. When we cleaned out the garage last summer we even cleaned up a place to put a freezer someday. Paul really doesn't think we need one - but I can't find anything in our freezers - we have 2 fridges so just those freezers.

My sister got a new freezer and was getting rid of this freezer and gave it to me. Its perfect - just the right size for what we needed. So last Saturday I was so happy to clean out my freezers and get them all organized (little things make me happy).

This is my downstairs freezer
now the MEAT freezer.

This is the freezer in my kitchen -
with fruits, veggies, frozen fast foods for the kids, ice cream/popsicles

New freezer in the garage
all organized with the rest of the food
breads, cheeses, potatoes, misc

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Susan Byers said...

Doesn't it feel awesome to be organized?