Friday, March 16, 2012

Project Update

Our downstairs project to convert 1/2 of the storage room into my office is really getting started now. Paul is motivated to prove me wrong - I said it would take a year to finish it. He's telling me it'll be done by the end of April.
He even has this schedule all written out for the work to be accomplished each week
(its written on a paper towel)
There's even a contingency week scheduled in (that's totally his real job coming in to play)

Justin's room that has been converted to a storage room

We're making progress on our basement project.

Paul and Taylor rebuilding some of the shelves so they can still be used
in what will remain of the storage room.
Paul is "teaching" Taylor how to do all of this stuff
(I have to remind Paul to not just do it all himself while Taylor watches)


Susan Byers said...

How exciting!

Paige said...

I wish OUR project had a schedule! LOVE that you got a new freezer, and now your frozens can be organized.

Oh, that that GREEN basket was SO cute! I wish I had done something cute like that!