Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to Martin

On July 7th we went to the airport to pick up Martin Champaney, a French student.  He is staying with our family for 3 weeks as part of the NACEL program.  My friend, Paige, is also hosting a French student, Marie, and that is how I found out about the program.  When Paige told me the students were from France I was totally in.  Of course, I cleared it with Paul first and he said it was up to me.  All of the kids were on board and we were pretty excited to meet Martin.  Of course I forgot to bring my camera to the airport.
Even though he traveled all day from France and when he got to our house it was 4 am his time, he got up and went to all of church with us at 9 am.  He is not from a religious family so that was pretty different to go to 3 hours of church.  And he said to us "and you do this every Sunday?"

our kids with our new adopted son, Martin

this was Sunday evening before heading out on a walk in the neighborhood

Martin brought us some very nice gifts
this milk chocolate eiffel tower

and this dark chocolate one
and some other yummy chocolates
and a very cool book of France
full of beautiful photographs from all over the country

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