Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Brooke in Europe

Brooke had an amazing time in Europe.  She said it wasn't even close to long enough and it was WAY worth the money she paid for the trip.  She got home Sunday night at 10:45 and we stayed up until almost 2 am looking at her pictures and hearing about her amazing experiences.  These are just a few of my favorites of her pictures - she took over 700 pictures! 
WARNING - this is a LONG post :)

Flying over to Rome

First of many gelatos

in Rome

one of the many street performers she saw

Brooke was really smart and  kept track of the days by taking a picture showing what day it was

view from their hotel in Rome

this piano was in their hotel in Rome
and Brooke loved playing it

another view from her hotel

day 3 - sightseeing in Rome


Brooke's first Italian pizza
her text to me
"I ate the WHOLE thing"

Day 4 - Travel from Rome to Florence

Day 5 - Florence, one of her favorites
she took lots and lots of pictures these days
and if you want to see them they are on facebook

love her self portrait

very cool quill sets that she liked

her hotel outside of Venice

Day 6 - Sightseeing in Venice

3 of her cute friends on a boat to Venice

her friend Lydia
the friend who knew her way around Europe


Venice canals

Brooke in Murano
I think this is my favorite picture of her

yummy pastries

Day 8 - Paris
she's stressed in the picture because her friend said something was wrong with her camera

Brooke and her AP English teacher, Jenn Mattson
They are at Versailles

beautiful Versaille gardens

she is just so cute!

cool sculpture made out of silverware

l'arc de triomphe

famous view of The Louvre

cool painting Brooke liked in the Louvre

love this shot she took of the Eiffel Tower

Day 9 - Chunnel to London

Big Ben

Thames river

The Shard
super cool building in London

Brooke with her friend Whitney in London

cool quote that Brooke liked

Brooke said all the signs said this in London instead of EXIT

having fun

Day 10 - Free time in London

She and her friends went to see Les Mis

Brooke and her friend Ellen at the British Museum

how many girls can fit in a London phonebooth?

view from their seats for Les Mis

Day 11 - Last day in London

more street performers
Brooke's chaperone and their group at the Eiffel Tower

The entire group she traveled with - over 40 people
in Rome

Brooke and her friends
on the overnight train to Paris


Susan Byers said...

What a great experience of her. For someone who hates to have her picture taken, there are some really cute pictures of her!

The Martin Family said...

Oh my amazing! Lucky girl!!!

Stephanie said...

FUN! :) What a lucky girl. And, I agree with you, she is super cute!!