Sunday, July 01, 2012

High Valley Tournament

A highlight for us almost every summer is going up to the High Valley soccer tournament held in Huntsville and Eden.  This is a tournament for the AYSO summer select teams.  It always turns into a little family vacation for us and this year was no exception.  It was really fun this year because we rented a condo with 2 other families and we had a good time hanging out together.  We had lots of the team hang out with us at different times.  I used up my battery taking all the soccer pictures so I don't have pictures of all the other fun things we did.  We went swimming a couple of times and it was fun to watch Jared and Kamryn really progress in just the 2 days we were there.  They were diving in a lot and doing cannonballs.
Friday the team only had one game in the morning so we were invited to go to Pineview Reservoir with one of the boys and his family who had a boat up there.  Jared and Kamryn got to go for a ride on the boat and loved it :)  They also had fun playing in the lake and in the sand.
Taylor's team did very well in the tournament and went into the playoffs section in 1st place.  They won their semi-finals game 9-1 and then had a really hard fought game for the championship and beat a Sandy team 1-0.
Taylor played keeper in every game, for at least one quarter and sometimes 2 quarters

don't mess with him

I may be biased, but Taylor is an excellent defensive player

playing keeper again

lined up to check in for a game

making a wall against a free kick

cool shot trying to get a header on a corner kick

chillin' between games on Saturday

half-time pep talk during the championship game

this says it all - they were playing in 95 degree heat at 2:30 in the afternoon

another wall

getting his 1st place trophy from his coach

1st place team for the tournament


awesome defensive team

Taylor was named MVP for the tournament!

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