Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Golden Birthday

It was really fun to celebrate Martin's birthday with him while he stayed with us.  He turned 17 on the 17th of July - which we call a golden birthday.  We got him a golden bucket of treats and a golden balloon (hiding behind the happy birthday one).  We also got him his own nerf gun since the kids had all been having nerf gun wars in the house, a couple of USA t-shirts and a collection of sugar cereal.  Its a tradition in our family that you get your own box of sugar cereal for your birthday.  I didn't know Martin's favorite cereal so I just got those little mini boxes.
Sadly, this is the only picture I have from his birthday.  We went to Cafe Rio for lunch to celebrate (unfortunately Paul was out of town in Cody so we didn't do the usual birthday dinner) and then went to the drive in movies.  This was a request of Martin's to go to the drive in.  I haven't been to a drive in movie since we lived in Phoenix before Jared and Kamryn were born.  We saw BRAVE and THE AVENGERS and didn't get home until after 2 am.  At the very end of THE AVENGERS the car battery died (I had it turned on the wrong setting to run the radio for the movies) so we had to ask someone nearby to help us jumpstart the car.

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The Martin Family said...

Great updates! You guys were so good to Martin. He had it pretty good. What an amazing experience for your cute family. Cool City Creek pics.