Friday, May 13, 2011

A trim and a major new 'do

Kamryn is 6 years old and has never gone to a salon for a haircut.
Her hair does not grow very fast.
She had a little trim by Jared when she was around 2 I think.
My sister trimmed her hair over a year ago at least.
A couple of days we took her to Ashley's salon
for another trim.

the "new" kamryn
not too different
just a little trim

Brooke - "before"

Brooke wanted a major change.
I mentioned that she should donate her hair
She thought that was a good idea.
That pony tail is 12" long
and even more than that got cut off

Brooke - "after"
all grown up and sophisticated


Melinda said...

Brooke looks darling! What a brave girl to chop that all off.

Susan Byers said...

She looks so cute! I can see you in her now.

Paige said...

SO cute!!