Monday, May 16, 2011

Their 6th Birthday

first thing in the morning on her birthday

first thing in the morning on his birthday

I tried to catch them still in bed to say happy birthday but they got up while I was getting ready.
When I said to Jared "happy birthday" he looked at me with this confused look on his face and then said "i forgot"

with her birthday cereal

with his birthday cereal

at our house you get to pick out whatever cereal you want for your birthday and get the whole box to yourself (you can share if you want but you don't have to)
It was funny taking them to the store and watching them try to decide what they wanted. Kamryn thought she wanted to get Lucky Charms but ended up with her mini wheats. Jared knew the whole time what he wanted and never wavered in his decision.

I cannot believe they are 6

At school for their birthday
with their class
saying the pledge of allegiance

Kamryn getting her birthday crown

Mrs Armstrong fixing Jared's crown

Jared and Kamryn
with their awesome teacher
Mrs Armstrong

they had a fun day at school with their friends. they brought popsicles for their birthday treat.

after school they stopped at grandma and grand-dad's
to show them their birthday crowns.
they were lucky and got presents, a card and a letter from them

they were so excited
they got pillow pets
something they've been asking for
for a long time

at african ice
after dinner
for a birthday treat

their dad was supposed to be out of town but ended up coming home early due to weather and a cancelled flight. since he wasn't going to be there on their actual birthday we had to find another day to really celebrate. we're going swimming on Monday and just having a family party with cousins this year.


Janice said...

Happy Birthday! I remember the first book club you attended just after they were born. I couldn't believe how great you looked after having had twins.

Susan Byers said...

Hope they had a fun birthday. If Kamryn's hair is still in that bun tonight when I see you, you're in big trouble!

Paige said...

I can't believe she had mini wheats for her birthday cereal! So much fun!