Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A good Mother's Day

Last year's mother's day was kind of a fiasco so I decided to change my expectations. I decided for the next few years mother's day is going to be all about my own mom and I'm not going to expect anything for myself.

Of course its great when you have no expectations and nice things happen.
Jared and Kamryn gave me the cute little plants that they fixed at school. They also gave me hankies with their handprints on them that they did at primary.
Justin also took them shopping and let them pick out these roses and got me some Godiva chocolates. Yum!
On Sunday morning I worked on fixing dinner that we were having my parents and Paul's dad over for. I decided I'd rather make the dinner and then let others do the clean up.
After church Brooke gave me a present that she'd gone shopping for herself :)
Justin also did some shopping on his own (with a little help from his Dad $$ ) and got me a few presents.
We had a really nice dinner all together and Paul did the grilling. It was great to visit and Susan's family joined us for dessert so they could visit mom too.

I have a WONDERFUL mom and I agree with what my sister said, that it would be the greatest compliment to be told I'm like my mom. I don't know that I'll ever get there.


Susan Byers said...

That's a really cute picture of you and mom. Glad you had a good mother's day!

Lisa said...

Susan, thanks for taking it!