Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Their birthday celebration

Since Jared and Kamryn had a huge friend party last year
I told them that we would just have a little family party
They decided they wanted to go swimming
So for family night last night
we invited grandma and grandpa
cousins, aunts and uncles

everyone had lots of fun
singing "happy birthday"
opening presents

the big 6 year old
with a HUGE piece of cake

Jared and Kyson

what cute cousins!

Jared with his cobra snake
one of his favorite presents


Susan Byers said...

It was a really fun party!

Cory & Holly said...

My girls had a lot of fun. What a great pool! I'm glad Jared liked the snake. That was totally Meg's idea because she saw him playing with t snake at your house the other day.