Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Using up my Luck

Brooke and I have been trying to get tickets to Wicked in the lottery they have before the show. This is common in NYC and they are also doing it here. For every show they have a lottery to sell 10 pairs of tickets, each ticket is $25. We have gone down there 3 times and haven't won yet. We even take Jared and Kamryn with us so they can put their names in to help us have more names in our favor. I've decided we aren't winning because my name is getting drawn in other things and it is using up all my luck.
The other day my name was drawn on a radio station contest and Paige won a basket of stuff for me. She's my friend that is always winning stuff on the radio. She told me to enter this contest on KOSY through Facebook and then she listens for my name and calls in and wins. So winning that used up some of my luck.
Recently, the Canyons School District sent home a note about forming a Task Force committee to study enrollment, calendering and other important issues for the new school district. Each school in the district will have one parent to represent them on the committee and the way onto the committee would be by lottery drawing of a name from parents who submitted that they were interested. You could submit your name to each school that your kids go to so I submitted my name 3 times - one for elementary, one for middle and one for high school. I was interested in the committee and figured if I got drawn good, if I didn't get drawn it would be a relief.
Well, I just found out today that I was selected to be on the committee. I am actually intrigued by the whole thing and hope it isn't too overwhelming. The first meeting is next week. So that lottery drawing of my name used up more of my luck. Hopefully Brooke has enough for both of us and one of these times that we go downtown we'll get Wicked tickets.


Susan Byers said...

Good Luck with the tickets!

superpaige said...

Hey, that wasn't your luck, it was mine. So, you should still have enough luck.