Sunday, June 15, 2008

Justin's Eagle Project



Justin admiring his hard work

I actually started this post and even posted it without finishing and even got some very nice comments about it before I deleted to start over again (I was having computer issues).

Paul and I were grateful for the opportunity Justin was given to do this tent pad for his Eagle project. It was assignment from the stake for this tent pad to be put in at our stake property before girls' camps begin in the middle of June. The scoutmaster felt like it would be a good Eagle project and Justin decided he could do it. He had 2 1/2 weeks from the time he found out about it until it had to be done. That was the beauty of the project - it didn't drag on forever.

Justin got the project approved, did the planning, obtained the materials and arranged for a crew to be up there working on it. He had some of his scout troop and several leaders up there overnight to do the project. There were a total of abotu 100 hours spent on the project. Everyone worked very hard, including myself, on the project. It was cold and muddy up there and it even snowed on us during the night and in the morning. Luckily the weather cooperated the rest of the day Saturday so we could get the project done. What a great feeling to finish it. Now Justin just has to finish 4 Merit badges - they are all in process and he just needs to do the paperwork.


Paige said...

I like the little update on the side. Then I can know that I don't have to check Melinda or Michelle's blogs yet because they still haven't updated anything. I'm just sayin.

Shingleton Family said...

Wow what a project!! When does Justin get his eagle?