Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another update

Life continues to be super busy. Although the last two days have been a little more laid back and like I envision summer days should be - some chores, some free time to read, a walk around the neighborhood which ended when it started raining for a few minutes.
We spent a week at the cabin which was the longest we've ever stayed up there. We had a great time. We did chores up there and played a lot of games, watched movies, went on hikes, and enjoyed the parade on the 4th.
While we were up at the cabin, Justin had his first 2 driving lessons. He can get his learners permit in Nov and it's perfect place up there to learn to drive. He did great and we only had one close call (the other driver's fault).

Youth Conference was a lot of fun but HOT! The youth loved it and Justin and Brooke are already planning to go EFY next year due to their experience at Utah State. I enjoyed hanging out with the kids and the break from home duties.

Jared is faring very well with his cast. He has adapted very well and gets around almost as easily as his sister. While we were at the cabin he was scooting around outside on the wood deck and wore a hole in his cast at his heel. So we had to go down to the doctor's and get a new cast on - a red one this time and 3 times as thick. He's starting to pull himself up to a standing position but hasn't started walking on it yet. Only 10 more days to go.

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