Thursday, September 21, 2006

A good haircut

Don't you just love it when you get a good hair cut? I went to my favorite stylist today and told her what I needed - something fresh. Of course, I'm not brave enough to really do something new although I'd really like to do it sometime. I went back to one of my old standards, kind of a long bob with layers. She blew it dry, straight and curled under. My hair looked so nice when she was done. Now if it could just like nice every day but it won't because 1 - don't have time to do it (or the patience) 2 - don't know how, I'm just not coordinated enough to use a blowdryer and round brush at the same time.
Of course I loved my haircut but you should hear the comments from my family
"You look weird" - 9 yr old son
"I liked it better before" - 12 yr old daughter
"what did you do to your hair?" - husband
It used to bother me, these comments, but now I just figure I feel better about myself and who cares what they think.

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Paige said...

You look great!