Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catching up

I'm not really back in the habit of posting regularly. I'll try to add that to my goals.
I'm into a To Do List lately. For the last 3 weeks I've written out a list on Sunday of things I want to do the coming week. It has been a great thing and I've gotten a lot done. I am getting a little obsessed about it though. Last week I didn't do fun stuff because I wanted to finish this list. So this week I've put fun stuff on my list. It feels so good to cross things off that list. I've got a bit of cleaning on there, clutter clearing, paperwork, and fun on there this week.
I was dreading the kids going back to school but it's actually been kind of nice. My days are actually a little less complicated. I seem to get more done while my helpers are away.
I took my boys clothes shopping yesterday. We went to Mervyns and I spent a fortune for 2 boys. Hopefully that will do them for a while.
I had a great day with the babies. I guess I can't call them babies anymore. THE TODDLERS! It is so much fun to watch them walking down the hall together. They love to explore and they love to get into EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe anymore. It's new enough that it's still cute all that they are doing but that is going to end soon, I'm sure.
We went to story time at the library. They liked it but it was quite a challenge for me. It's hard to keep track of two little walkers - esp when they are going different directions. Jared kept walking up to the front and taking the flannel board story down. And it was difficult to get to him fast enough since I had Kamryn on my lap or was going a different direction. Next time I'll have to break out their new back packs (leashes really).
The bad thing about my kids being back in school is the HOMEWORK! My 8th grader has really been slammed this year. My 7th grader is doing okay but it took her almost a month to turn in her disclosure for gym ( how hard is that?) . I finally had to threated her with cleaning out the basement window wells if she didn't turn it in. It worked -she did it. I guess I know what to threaten her with now.
And my 3rd grader - life is way too hard for him now. I don't know if WE'RE going to make it through 3rd grade.
Well, there's a bit of what's been going on lately.


Paige said...

Oh, those DISCLOSURE documents! I went to parent teacher conference to see that my 7th grader was getting 3 c's and a d because he hadn't turned in disclosure documents in two classes, hadn't practiced the flute in one class, and hadn't turned in an assignment in another class. ARRRGGH! I called him from the school and said, "You who told me you had no homework had better get out your life sketch time line and when I get home you'd better have it close to done, since it was due yesterday."

ashersjane said...

Oh joy! I can hardly wait until Andrew starts school and I get to deal with all the fun school stuff. Well I am sure it is only getting better! Take care.