Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm a terrible blogger

I'm a terrible blogger these days - my last post was in MAY, yikes!
There's just too much to keep up with these days - posting on facebook and instagram, writing in an actual journal, writing my missionary.
And then having a jam-packed super busy AND fun summer left no time for posting.
No that school is back in and I've only worked one day so far I've had a bit more time on my hands. I'm way behind in everything around home and i'm working to get caught up.  I just finished a project for Brooke - to send her some new mission approved music for the last few months of her mission.
I was behind on printing her letters and got that all caught up.  I'm still behind on her photo door - I have a map of her mission and then a photo of each of her companions matched up to the area they served in.  The map is there but no photos right now.  My biggest problem with that is I don't love the map (its not as good as the map we had for Justin and i want to get a better one).  I better hurry or Brooke will be home before I get it up.
I've been doing a lot better at personal scripture study and I'm happy about that :)
So to try to catch up on my blog is one of my next goals :)

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