Thursday, August 27, 2015

Highlights with Arthur - Week 1

Arthur arrives with 14 other French students

our tall family made Arthur look really short
he's 14 and the same height as Jared and Kamryn who are 10

Arthur loved to go over swimming at the outdoor pools
He had his own pass and even went on his own a couple times

for his FHE we played water baseball in our backyard
with a few of our friends and their families

 Having fun making tie-die shirts in my friends backyard. They turned out SO COOL!

We were very lucky to have the cabin the 1st week of July and be able to be up there for the 4th.

 We all went on the hike to Blood Lake and lots of the kids had fun going off the rope swing

Kierra with Pernelle and Arthur
Pernelle was one of the french students and spent the weekend with us at the cabin

We did lots of hiking while we were at the cabin but we also had some nice down time

Playing CRUD

We also play lots of games while we are at the cabin
Pernelle and Arthur also taught us a french card game

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