Thursday, August 27, 2015

Highlights with Arthur - Week 2

Fun at the Bees Game

going to get "african" ice
with Sarah, another French student that stayed in our neighborhood

Of course we had to take him up to the U

Arthur taught us how to go geocaching
we found 3 right close to our house
One of Arthur's dreams was to go to a NBA game
Luckily the JAZZ were playing summer games
and he was able to go with 2 of the other French students, Cyrielle and Leah

One of Arthur's favorite things that we did was going to Airborne.
He did some amazing tricks - he's a gymnast :)

After Airborne we went to a Chinese buffet - that was fun to watch all those boys fill up
Our whole family did the BUBBLE RUN
what a blast

for the almost 5K race, there were parts of the course where you would run through these bogs of different colored bubbles - lots of good clean fun,
 except for Arthur who had fun sliding through the mud too

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